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ActiveTick Platform - Real-Time Quotes, Charts, Market Data, and Trading

ActiveTick Platform

Upgrade your access to market data and trading. Our flagship product, ActiveTick Platform, is the next-gen trading platform for traders looking for an edge.

With its real-time dynamic charting, quotes, heatmaps, and market scanners you’ll always be on top of the market and never skip the beat.

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ActiveTick MarketFeed

Develop your app or website with our ActiveTick MarketFeed, and enjoy institutional-quality market data.

Created specifically for software developers, independent software vendors, and companies looking for dependable source of data, ActiveTick MarketFeed is a reliable, low-cost market data solution.

Connectivity to 40+ Exchanges

Stocks, options, futures, spreads, currencies and indices

High-performance APIs

Access real-time data via Internet API

30+ Years of Historical Data

Decades of historical tick and chart bar data

Explore ActiveTick MarketFeed
ActiveTick MarketFeed

About Our Company

We are all about connectivity and market data. Our main goal is to deliver a piece of information we receive from an exchange to you in most efficient and reliable way possible.

Our team is made up of top-notch developers and traders with years of industry experience passionate about creating superb products. The same products and services we offer to you, we use for our own trading.

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We are a market data company providing trading platforms and market data from various exchanges to traders and companies to empower their trading.

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