Frequently Asked Questions

ActiveTick Platform

Yes, we provide a 7-day trial subscription for the ActiveTick Platform Basic plan to non-professional subscribers. If the trial subscription is not canceled within the trial period, it will automatically transition to an active subscription, and your payment card will be charged for the upcoming month's service
Partially. We cover the cost of the platform account, but we bill the customer professional exchange fees for the trial period.
You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time by logging into My Account and selecting a different plan under Account Management.
Yes, you can cancel your account at any time, by logging into My Account, and clicking Cancel My Account under Account Management. If you are in trial period when you cancel your account, we do not charge your credit card.
No, you get a fully-functional product.
We support equities, options, indices, currencies, futures, future options and future spreads.
Yes. Some data feeds come with Level 2 data.
Most exchanges charge subscriber fees for accessing their market data. ActiveTick is a licensed market data vendor with exchanges, and we are required to pass-through these fees to our customers. These fees are added to the total cost of the platform account.
We show all information received from market data source.
No. But you can purchase additional logins if you need to login multiple times using same user name
We do not limit amount of data you can view. Just make sure you have enough bandwidth and fast computer to view data you request.

ActiveTick MarketFeed

Pricing market data solutions varies on types of feeds, data delivery, ticker plant services, licensing, and other factors. Reach out to us with your market data needs, we will evaluate them and offer you the best solution and pricing.
For lowest latency, you should consider connecting and consuming data inside one of our datacenters. Our average latency from receiving data at exchange to handing it off to you is less than a microsecond.
You can connect to our servers via the internet using one of our APIs. This is by far the easiest and least expensive option. Other options include co-locating at one of our datacenters and accessing our multicast messaging bus. Additionally, we can deliver full data feeds to remote destinations such as a cloud or another datacenter where you can access full data feed there.
You have two.

With Option A you integrate our APIs in your app/website, and consume data from our servers via the internet. Your users need to have their own ActiveTick MarketFeed account and use their credentials when connecting and retrieving data from us in your app. Your users can use our website to sign up for an account, or you can utilize our user management web API or UI to manage your user base. We offer customized pricing for different user tiers, Contact us for more information.

With Option B you apply to become a data redistributor with exchanges you wish to support by registering with exchanges directly and licensing the data from them. Reach out to us for more information or to initiate the process.


No, we do not provide trials for developer accounts.
No, redistribution of data or any data derivative is strictly prohibited.
Each user needs to have their own ActiveTick MarketFeed account, and use their credentials when authenticating and requesting data from us through your app.
Yes. Each account is limited to 200 API calls per minute.
We support HTTP REST, Java, C++ and C# APIs.

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We are a market data company providing trading platforms and market data from various exchanges to traders and companies to empower their trading.

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