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Market data is the lifeblood of financial industry. Having access to a reliable and complete data source to power your apps isn’t easy or cheap to come by. On top of that, handling an exponentially increasing volume of complex market data is not for the fainthearted.

Many data providers overpromise on their capabilities, but consistently underdeliver.

Luckily you do have choices.

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ActiveTick MarketFeed


ActiveTick MarketFeed is a suite of market data services comprising of real-time and delayed data feeds, snapshot APIs, real-time, historical and fundamental data. ActiveTick MarketFeed was created specifically for software developers, independent software vendors, and companies looking for dependable source of market data. For over ten years, our customers have relied on our market data services to empower their applications and businesses.


Designed by a team of expert developers, ActiveTick MarketFeed was built from the ground up with performance and stability in mind to processes tens of millions of feed messages a second, with mean latencies measured in nanoseconds.

ActiveTick MarketFeed Data Services


With connectivity to all major US exchanges, coverage for all types of asset classes from stocks to futures, decades of historical data, powerful APIs, ActiveTick MarketFeed is a perfect solution for your market data requirements.

Our Stats

Some of our ticker plant performance stats.

99 .99%

System Uptime


Per Second

1 µs

Mean Latency (microseconds)


Simultaneous Requests
Per Second

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Processing lots of data is what we do best. ActiveTick is a market data vendor where we connect directly to exchanges and other financial data sources, and provide real-time and delayed data feed services to customers.

Our feed handlers are located in the same datacenters used by exchanges, and our servers are a wire away from the data source. You can rest assured that when you use ActiveTick MarketFeed, you have the freshest data.


Data Connnectivity Options

We understand that every customer has different ways which they need access to our data. For this reason, we provide a variety of delivery methods for your data, all of which are built in our powerful ActiveTick MarketFeed:

Internet APIs

Connect to ActiveTick MarketFeed data servers via the Internet using our APIs, and subscribe to instruments you wish to receive data for. We’ve developed a number of easy-to-use APIs, including C++, C#, Java, and HTTP REST.

Remote Transport

Utilize our remote feed transporters and receive entire data feed at your location, either in the same datacenter or across the world. With transport compression rates of up to 80%, this is an ideal way of having locally available data feed.


Co-locate in our datacenters either using your own servers or by renting ours. Enjoy ultra-low latency access to our multi-cast messaging bus and ticker plant services.

ActiveTick MarketFeed Connectivity

Streaming Feeds

Running our in-house designed high-performance ticker plant on fast and modern servers with direct connectivity to exchanges, gives us the flexibility in offering superb market data to our customers for a fraction of a cost others charge.

Whether you are looking for real-time or delayed feeds, ActiveTick MarketFeed has you covered.

ActiveTick MarketFeed Snapshot Data

Types of Data Feeds

Here are some options you have when you connect to our data feeds:

Low-latency Real-time Feeds

To provide freshest real-time market data feeds, we run our ActiveTick MarketFeed feed handlers on FPGA hardware accelerators to parse and normalize the feeds with minimal latency.

When you connect to our real-time feeds, you’ll enjoy the benefits of our direct fiber exchange connectivity, and processing latency that’s typically measured in nanoseconds.

Delayed Feeds

All of our real-time data feeds are also offered in delayed form. If you have requirements for delayed data feeds, rather than delaying the data yourself, use ours.

Unified API

Reap the rewards from using one common API for all exchanges.

Common API and Feed Specification

Avoid development and support costs for having to code to each exchange feed specification. Write your code once to our ActiveTick MarketFeed common API or Feed Specification, and leave it to us to normalize data from various exchanges.

Historical Data

We process gigabytes of market data every trading day. Our ticker plant captures and stores every tick received from exchanges into historical datastores, and makes the data available for querying using ActiveTick MarketFeed APIs.

Tick Data

Easily retrieve original exchange data for quotes, order books, and trades with ActiveTick MarketFeed API for your back-testing and analysis needs.

Tick data in our datastores goes back over a decade, and is stored in unadjusted form with original unfiltered pricing information, including current, delisted and expired instruments.

Bar Data

In addition to tick datastores, we also store and provide historical bar data. With standard OHLCV datapoints, you can access over 3 decades of 1-minute intra-day and daily bars.

ActiveTick MarketFeed Historical Data

Instantly access billions of historical data records:

  • Original Exchange Tick Data
  • Top-of-book Bid/Ask Quotes
  • Full Order Book Transactions
  • Trade Transactions
  • Exchange Metadata
  • 12+ Years of Tick Data
  • Variable 1-60 Minute Bars
  • Daily and Weekly Bars
  • Split and Dividend History
  • Corporate Actions History
  • 30+ Years of Bar Data

Snapshot Data

Our snapshot databases capture and store numerous data points from exchange feeds, as well as derive and calculate various other ones. All this data is available for querying in table-like form using lightning-fast ActiveTick MarketFeed API.

ActiveTick MarketFeed Snapshot Data

Snapshot Data Options

Connect to freshest snapshot datasets delivered to you in microseconds.

Real-Time Data Points

Retrieve latest values on over 70+ real-time, derived, and calculated data points from Snapshot databases.

Data points such as last price, volume, average 5-day price, and numerous other ones can be queried for thousands of instruments at a time.

Market Movers

Snapshot Market Movers monitor entire market for performing stocks in different categories such as percent gainers and net losers. Access this readily available data rather than creating it yourself.

Instrument Chains

Options, futures, future spreads, and other types of complex instruments are comprised of chains. Use our snapshot databases to retrieve a real-time map of all chains for each instrument.

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Exchange Coverage

To minimize data latency, we get market data directly from exchanges. These are the exchanges we provide data for.

  • Cboe BYX Exchange Inc
  • Cboe BZX Exchange Inc
  • Cboe EDGA Exchange Inc
  • Cboe EDGX Exchange Inc
  • Cboe Exchange Inc
  • FINRA Inc
  • Investors Exchange LLC
  • Long-Term Stock Exchange Inc
  • Members Exchange MEMX LLC
  • MIAX Pearl LLC
  • Nasdaq BX Inc.
  • Nasdaq ISE LLC
  • Nasdaq PHLX LLC
  • Nasdaq Stock Market LLC
  • New York Stock Exchange LLC
  • NYSE American LLC
  • NYSE Arca Inc
  • NYSE Chicago Inc
  • NYSE National Inc
  • OTC Markets Group Inc

  • BOX Options Exchange LLC
  • Cboe BZX Options Exchange Inc
  • Cboe C2 Options Exchange Inc
  • Cboe EDGX Options Exchange Inc
  • Cboe Options Exchange, Inc
  • Miami International Securities Exchange LLC
  • MIAX Emerald LLC
  • Nasdaq BX Inc.
  • Nasdaq GEMX LLC
  • Nasdaq ISE LLC
  • Nasdaq MRX LLC
  • Nasdaq PHLX LLC
  • The Nasdaq Stock Market LLC
  • NYSE American LLC
  • NYSE Arca Inc

  • JP Morgan
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Citi Bank
  • XTX Markets
  • Bank of America
  • State Street
  • HCTech

How Can We Help You


Connect to us via the Internet using one of our high-performance APIs. Subscribe to streaming feed updates with up to 80% data bandwidth compressions. Request snapshot and historical data using C++, C#, Java, or REST API. Utilize our direct connectivity in AWS for AWS installations.

Datacenter Connectivity

When nanoseconds matter, access data inside one of our Equinix datacenter installations. Co-locate your physical hardware with us, or order physical cross-connects to our multi-cast buses. Our physical locations include Chicago (CH1/CH2), New York (NY4/NY5), Los Angeles (LA1), Frankfurt (FR5), and Hong Kong (HK1).

Reduce Data Access Fees

We pay for and consume raw exchange data and disseminate it to you, at a fraction of the cost, through a high performance messaging stream.

Reduce Development Costs

We normalize every exchange protocol for all asset classes into one standardized format, and present the data through a simple API and a common multi-cast feed specification.

24/7 Professional Support

We have your back 24/7. Whether you’re experiencing technical issues or in need of a walk-through for a feature, our customer support specialists can help you solve them swiftly and promptly.

Regular Updates

Our knowledgeable development team is always hard at work designing new features and fixing bugs. We constantly listen to your feedback and incorporate your suggestions into our products.

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Reach out to us with your market data requirements, licensing and pricing questions, and we will work with you to come up with the best possible solution that fits your needs.

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