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Don't settle for less

Is your broker’s market data offering letting you down? Do you need more tools and features to empower your trading? If so, we invite you to check out our ActiveTick Platform.

Robust and powerful market data platform

Robust and Powerful

More than a stunning look. ActiveTick Platform upgrades your access to market data and trading. Use it as alternative to what you are currently using, or compliment your existing tools.

01. Charting

Real-time Charting

Designed by traders, our dynamically updating charts provide you with a complete display of historical and real-time markets.


Add and compare multiple instruments on the same chart. Customize the look and feel of each dataset. Open as many charts on a screen as you like.

Technical Analysis

Analyze trends and patterns with over 50 built-in technical indicators. Add visuals to your charts using 15 different drawing tools. Even build your own technical indicators.

Data Selection

Load up decades of data for intra-day, daily and custom tick time-frames for market instruments comprising of stocks, options, futures, spreads, currencies and indices.

Real-time Charting
Real-time Quotes


Real-Time Quotes

Find, analyze, and act on opportunities with ActiveTick’s innovative real-time market data quote displays.

Streaming Quote Lists

Track real-time streaming information on 100+ data points in a spreadsheet-like window. Load hundreds of predefined symbol lists, or create your own.

Quick Quotes

Fire up a Quick Quote to quickly view data for a single symbol. Pre-built Quick Quotes can be fully customized to display all available data points, or created from scratch with Quick Quote Designer. Open as many windows as you like.

Dynamic Heatmaps

Heatmaps are indispensable in quick evaluation of market breadth. Analyze market conditions for a group of few symbols or several thousand symbols. Load predefined groups such as index constituents, sectors and industries, or any custom symbol list.

Top Performers

Stay on top of current market performers. Let the platform calculate and show you leading stocks in overall volume, and price gainers or losers. Datasets can be filtered in numerous ways.

Contract Chains

Navigate and view contract data for options, futures and future spreads. Filter streaming data by maturities and strike prices.

03.Microsoft Excel Add-in

Excel Add-in

Stream real-time prices directly into Excel with ActiveTick Excel Add-in. Perform custom complex calculations utilizing full power of Excel with each pricing update.

Spreadsheet Functions

Empower your analysis and calculations with 50+ functions displaying real-time and static market data. Simply type a function into a spreadsheet cell, highlight a symbol, and see latest values change with each market update.

Historical Pricing Data

Download full instrument history into a spreadsheet for analysis with a single click. Analyze patterns, search for trades, export data to another software. Entire historical dataset is available for access including original trades, bid/ask information, and 1-minute/daily charting data.

Contract Chains

Easily create pricing spreadsheets for all current unexpired contracts for options, futures, and future spreads. View pricing of entire chain of contracts for underlying instrument on the same screen. All greeks, implied volatility, and theoretical pricing is included for options.

Real-time Quotes in Excel
Level 2 Quotes

04.Level 2 Quotes

Level 2 Quotes

Get a feel for internal order flow dynamics with Level 2 and Depth of Market displays. Know precise information of who your buyers and sellers are before going into a trade.

Level 2 Order Books

Be in-the-know of what type of orders you are competing with or against using Level 2 Order Books. See all limit orders that have been sent to the exchange for each price level. We provide Level 2 data for stocks and future contracts.

Depth of Market (DOMs)

Measure supply and demand for liquid tradable instruments with DOM. Access market depth to assess the likely direction of an asset’s price, and gauge number of shares or contracts you can purchase without causing its price to appreciate. Our DOM displays provide standard pricing ladders, trade matches, and intraday trading volumes for each price level.

05.ActiveTick Scanner

Market Scanner

In search of trading ideas? ActiveTick's Market Scanner offers superb ways of finding specific stocks you can trade. With over 100 different alert types and multitudes of ways to filter them, Market Scanner is an invaluable tool in your trading arsenal.

Real-time Alerts

Leave heavy lifting of monitoring entire universe of stocks across multiple exchanges to ActiveTick’s back-end servers. Select from a list of 100+ alerts to watch, and see them appear on the screen as they are triggered in real-time. Configure multiple alerts with specific colors to show in the same window. Limit alerts to selected symbol list, or receive alerts for the entire universe of stocks.


Use filters to narrow down a list of generated alerts with 150+ simple and complex filters. Multiple filters can be assigned to the same alert to further isolate alerts of interest. Save configured alerts and filters into files and easily load them up at a later time.

Alert History

Re-use files with previously saved alerts and filters, and load up alerts generated in the past. Market Scanner provides several years of previously generated alerts that can be recalled and shown on the screen.

ActiveTick Market Scanner
Historical Market Data

06.Historical Data

Historical Data

For in-depth research of tick data, we provide state-of-the-art functionality to access and view current real-time, as well as over a decade of historical exchange tick data.

Time & Sales

View complete flow of information for an instrument with Time & Sales. All events affecting pricing for consolidated NBBO and regional exchanges get displayed as they happen in real-time.

Historical Exchange Data

Quickly access and filter terabytes of complete and clean tick data for exchanges we connect to. Our datasets include NBBO quotes, trades, and book transactions.

Data Availability

Our tick datastores provide access to over a decade of original exchange data for equities, 5 years for equity options, and 3 years of futures and future options.



Link your trading accounts with supported brokerages, and access their full account management and trading functionality inside the Platform. View positions, money balances, and place live orders all without leaving the Platform.

Trading Brokerages

Link your trading accounts and utilize all trading functionality the platform has to offer. The platform securely communicates directly with supported brokerages. Our brokerage list is continuously expanding to include new trading destinations.

Live Trading

Place live orders using built-in order entry screens with immediate order acceptance and execution feedback. Multiple trading accounts are supported.

Virtual Practice Trading

Try our virtual trading to practice trading without risking any real money. Create unlimited trading accounts with virtual money and trade them just like real ones.

Account Management

Track current positions with live P&L calculations. Modify and cancel existing open orders. Quickly search through past trading history.

Algorithmic Trading

08.Algo Back-testing

Algo Back-testing

Have a trading strategy in mind and would like to design it and test its performance? Our Strategy Designer helps you take your trading to the next level.

Trading Strategies

Design and implement trading strategies with widely used JavaScript language using full-fledged source code editor, or hire ActiveTick to do this for you.


Backtest trading strategies using decades of historical data, and analyze comprehensive performance reports. Fine-tune trade parameters to maximize optimal outcomes.

Live Autotrading

Run trading strategies with live markets for fully automated trading. There is no limit on number of strategies that can run at the same time.

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09. Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Beautiful and Modern Design

Our platform is designed with an intuitive interface to keep things easy and informative. No matter if you are a beginner or professional, you will find necessary tools readily available to help you with your goals.


We design and build all of our software in-house using latest design patterns and best practices. Our systems process tens of millions of messages a second from exchanges without skipping a beat. You can rest assured that the pricing you’re seeing is only a few microseconds old.


Whether it’s a slow trading day or markets hitting circuit breakers with extreme volatility, our platform provides you with reliable service. We take system stability seriously with our 99.9% uptime guarantee. With redundant data links to exchanges and running multiple datacenters, our uptime is second to none.

One-stop-shop for Market Data

Expect complete market data coverage with our platform. We connect directly to most US-based exchanges to offer data for stocks, options, indices, currencies, futures, future options and spreads.

24/7 Professional Support

We have your back 24/7. Whether you’re experiencing technical issues or in need of a walk-through for a feature, our customer support specialists can help you solve them swiftly and promptly.

Regular Updates

Our knowledgeable development team is always hard at work designing new features and fixing bugs. We constantly listen to your feedback and incorporate your suggestions into our products.

10.Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Nice things our customers say.

I love that I can trade my multiple accounts from different brokers on the same screen! Your uptime reliability is top-notch. Keep up the good work!

Alex B.

Professional Trader
ActiveTick Platform was easy to use from the start. Within a few minutes I had access to all quotes, charts, analytics and didn’t need spend countless hours learning new software.

Ramsey P.

Engineer and Self-Trader

11. App screens

Look how it works

12.Pricing Plans

Pricing Plans

Free 7-day trial is provided when you sign up for our AcitveTick Basic Plaform plan.


$19.95 per month
  • Access to ActiveTick Platform
  • Real-time streaming data
  • Up to 500 streaming tickers
  • Stocks, options, currencies
  • Option chains
  • Live updating charts
  • Live heatmaps
  • Basic plan, plus:
  • Access to ActiveTick Excel Add-in
  • Up to 2,000 streaming tickers
  • Futures, options, and spreads
  • Level II and depth quotes
  • Strategy builder and tester
  • Live trading


$49.95 per month
  • Professional plan, plus:
  • Access to ActiveTick Scanner
  • Up to 5,000 streaming tickers
*Pricing for ActiveTick Platform plans does not include exchange fees.

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